Skyserv Lounge

Skyserv Lounge

2nd Floor, Airside

The travel experience starts from the Skyserv Lounge at Thessaloniki International Airport “Makedonia”

Specially designed to offer a unique experience of hospitality and comfort, Skyserv's Lounge area creates the ideal conditions for guests to take advantage of the time before their departure.

The aesthetic identity of the company permeates the space dominated by the gradations of the blue sky, the blue sea and the flashes of the dawn.

Reflections that refer to the Greek light coexist harmoniously with the intense pink fuchsia, creating a color surprise to the visitor.
A combination of elements and textures emit the feeling of discreet luxury and hospitality of the company towards visitors. Hidden lighting that refers to an airplane feather contributes to this, thus emphasizing the identity of the experience.

The large surfaces with enlarged images of pink quartz are a basic architectural approach, defining the interior space in zones. The choice has a symbolic character, as this rock is associated with love, tranquility, mental harmony, joy, happiness and inner beauty. Necessary emotions for the creation of the appropriate atmosphere for a trip.

The design of the space is based on consecutive curved sofas that border the center, in which tables of art inspired by Greek nature have been placed.

Another important element of the area is the buffet service with constantly renewed fine dishes inspired by the Greek tradition and gastronomy.