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SHOP &                                                                      LONG
     INDULGE                                                                     WEEKEND
     YOUR WAY                                                                    48 (or more)
     Staying chic and                                                            hours in the
     making it all last                                                          capital of cool
     Οδηγός shopping                                             WINTER          Σαββατοκύριακο
                                ISSUE 07                        2019-2020        στη Θεσσαλονίκη
     DΟ NOT                                 TH E SSA L ON I K I
     Hotels & winter                                                                120’
     resorts to connect
     more deeply with                                                               VIDEO
     your destination
     Στα καλύτερα                                                                   INSIDE
     THE                              THE NORTH EDITION
     AMBASSADORS                                                                 FEELING
     OF NORTH                  FRAPORT GREECE OFFICIAL MAGAZINE                  Add these foodie
     CREATIVITY                                                                  spots on your list
     Οι άνθρωποι που κρατούν                                                     Πού πρέπει να φας
     τα κλειδιά της πόλης                                                        τώρα στην πόλη

  ISSUE 07 WINTER 2019-2020

      THE CALL                                                                         COPY
      OF THE


      Be informed. Βe insprired.
      Βe there!
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